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We tailor corporate partnerships to be mutually beneficial by offering a wide range of options to engage with the CIS community, including research grants, matching funds for proposals, graduate student fellowships, student projects, and student event sponsorships. Because of our interdisciplinary mission, CIS is also a great place to start if your company's needs and interests demand collaborative approaches involving other fields, such as engineering, communication, economics and sociology.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with CIS, or would like to schedule a visit to campus, please contact Laura Batten, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, 607.255.3952.


Our world-leading faculty and Ph.D. students conduct research spanning a number of core and emerging fields with applications in a variety of industries. Our focus on facilitating radical interdiscilinary collaboration results in innovative approaches, discoveries and solutions not possible in traditional academic environments. To learn more about CIS research, please explore our research institutes and initiatives and visit the department research areas below.

Computer science research areas

Information Science research groups and labs


CIS Professional Master's programs require students to participate in a real-world project. Both Information Science and Statistics actively solicit industry-sponsored projects as part of their one-year M.P.S. programs. These projects provide companies with access to talented students to work on real business problems over a semester, while providing students with real-world technical and leadership experience and exposure to business challenges and opportunties.


Curriculum support: With the explosion of enrollments in computing classes comes a greater need for funding to support course needs, especially for project-based classes where students must buy supplemental materials. Companies providing course and curriculum support receive in-class publicity and, sometimes, speaking opportunties.

Teaching assistant sponsorship program: Support for teaching assistants in targeted CIS courses provides companies with student visibility in the classroom and the opportunity to mentor top undergraduate students. TA selections are overseen by department chairs and are based on a student's past performance in that class. Companies may also reach out to the students with offers of interaction and mentorship.

Grace Hopper student conference scholarships: CIS is commited to recruiting and retaining more women in computing. The opportunity to participate in the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing has proven to be a highly effective method of engaging women in CS. Corporate support to send undergraduate women to the Grace Hopper conference will help CIS encourage more women to major and remain in CS and, ultimately, to pursue related careers.

Hardware and software: CIS welcomes donations of software and hardware to be used in classroom teaching and by student developers and designers.


Engaging with our student groups provides and effective way to build awareness and develop relationships with students willing to evangelize for your company. Student events are a great way to elevate awareness of your company and create relationships with students through support and mentorship. CIS students are engaged in a number of events that welcome sponsorship at a range of levels.

BOOM: CIS’s premier annual event, Bits on our Minds (BOOM), is a showcase of student technology projects that brings together hundreds of students across campus with dozens of CIS corporate sponsors. 

BigRed//Hacks: BigRed//Hacks is the first ever student-run, large-scale hackathon at Cornell University. Across three days, students from all across the northeast gather to build the coolest and most innovative projects, meet amazing people, and win some prizes along the way.

Cornell 3 Day Startup: 3 Day Startup is an entrepreneurship education program designed for university students with an emphasis on learning by doing. The idea is simple: start tech companies over the course of three days.


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